we've all had these moments. when time, space and the cosmos align for the wrong thing to be said at the wrong time and the wrong place in front of the wrong people. Initially theyll be uncomfortable but then afterwards theyre hilarious. what are some you've experienced ,heard of.

Man 1 (in concert on hearing a woman on stage singing , leans to the man next to him) Isnt that awful?
Man 2 - That' my wife.
Man 1- Um... well... i didnt mean her... I mean the song itself....
Man 2- I wrote it

I once was in a group of teachers. One such teacher had her child with her. She starts bad talking teacher about her lack of ability to controll her class....Minutes later she says something to her one child in the room and he rudely retorts back to her and she doesn't respond to him. Cue stunned silence

An guy I know was in a mall and sees a long line. when he asked what the line was for, someone tells him a singer is signing copies of his latest CD. (Lets call him John Doe)Not liking said artist. The guy shouts loudly - I DONT WANT NO (VERY RUDE AND INSULTING WORD HERE) JOHN DOE CD!!! He then turns to look and see the singer standing wthin earshot and had heard him. His response -

What are yours