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Thread: Seeking Betas for first 7.7k words of Urban Fantasy! :)

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    Seeking Betas for first 7.7k words of Urban Fantasy! :)

    I recently did some rather large revisions on my novel's opening stretch, and I wanted to get some opinions on what does/doesn't work. This would be the first 5 chapters, which equal about 7,700 words. I'd be willing to critique a short story or novel section of similar length. I prefer reading Sci-fi and Fantasy. YA is fine, but no romance please.

    Quick blurb about my manuscript:
    Near the end of his life, Cameron must pass his responsibilities as hunter of dark-magic users to his daughters. But they have grown up surrounded by the conveniences of the modern world, oblivious to their father's struggle, far from ready for the burden of keeping the darkness in check.

    PM or posting here is fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Edit: Not currently looking any longer
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