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Thread: Seeking Betas for Urban Fantasy! 90k words, Open to Swapping

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    Seeking Betas for Urban Fantasy! 90k words, Open to Swapping

    I've recently finished some significant revisions to my novel, and I wanted to get opinions on what does/doesn't work. Especially looking for critique on pacing and the characters/their development, and the strength of their point of views, but open to any comments. It's 90k words. I most enjoy reading Sci-fi and Fantasy but open to almost any genre. Adult or YA are fine, but no MG, Historic, or Romance please (romantic subplots are fine). [Not currently looking!]

    Here's the query, to give an idea of what the book it about:
    At seventeen, Linda is finally an orphan. She'll shed no tears for the man who treated her like a mistake. But with him dead, Linda has inherited his enchanted blade and the family duty: keep Users and their vile magic out of the city.

    Users feed on human suffering to fuel their sorcery, fracturing their victims’ minds, driving most to suicide. Linda's friends are no strangers to depression and abuse, which makes them appetizing targets. Linda might be a rookie, but if it means safeguarding the ones she loves, she won't hesitate to hunt the enemy down.

    Linda tracks the Users’ trail of victims to a rich high-rise and storms in blade first, only to find her closest friend among their ranks. Turns out Users don’t just harvest suffering from the slums. It’s also where they recruit. Even if Linda musters the strength to take her friend’s life, she can’t kill Users faster than they’re replaced. Not by herself.

    Damn good thing her father had more than one blade. And more than one daughter.

    PM or posting here is fine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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