Hi there,

So, wondering if it's just me, or if there has been a recent change to the way Ads are now being displayed on AW? Now, in addition to the 3 banner ads at the top, I also have a pop up banner ad at the bottom of my screen that follows me down as I try to scroll through my settings, threads, etc. I close it out, but every time I move to a new page, a new thread, etc...it's back again. And it's having an effect on my browsing experience, not to mention the severe annoyance factor.

I'm currently noting this on my laptop. Haven't checked yet to see if this is an issue on my Ipad, but it doesn't happen when I view the site in full mode on my phone in Safari.

I operate with Mozilla Firefox - is there any way I can permanently shut down this latest banner ad addition? I totally get that you need to run Google banner ads at the top, but on top of the screen as well? This is really hampering my AW experience.

Help? Just me?

Please and thank you kindly.