A pleasure to meet you, Clint.

As you wander to the various corners of Absolute Write, you're sure to find references to BIC writing. It's what works for a lot of us. It's your butt in your chair for a set amount of time daily, no excuses (well, we'd accept being in a coma, I suppose--but not super-busy, on vacation, feeling awful, or other lame cop-outs), where you have two and only two options. You write, or you sit there not writing. You may not do anything else during BIC time, even if it's writing related. Most days you'll write, and if time permits, you may go past your time. Yippie, but you cannot amass credit. You owe your usual BIC time the next day.

I like knowing your parents met over Vonnegut. Mine met when my mom got caught in the rain waiting for a bus and my dad had an umbrella. It's not as good a story.

Maryn, whose married friends (now divorced) arranged for her to meet Mr. Maryn