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Thread: April to June Goals!

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    Talking April to June Goals!

    I wanted to post my goals. I feel by doing so, I'll accomplish them! And people can keep me accountable. I suck at meeting goals. These are goals i hope to meet by the end of June!

    Writing Goals
    1. Collect names for characters. Determine the main characters, and their roles (including "the villain" and a general main conflict).
    2. Answer: "What is this story about?" Stop switching ideas!!!!
    3. Determine how long the story will be. Is it one book, or a series of books? How many books? This decision will alter the ending.
    4. Create a list of topics for my Writing Blog.
    5. Continue Ocean currents research

    Personal Goals
    1. Clean my room
    2. Find a job
    3. Apply for University
    4. Get over your driving fear! Learn to drive!!!!!
    5. Become active on Absolute Write Forum
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