I just don't believe in writer's block.

I just do what the wind does - whistle and go around obstacles.

Hate staring at a blinking cursor?

Pick up a pen and a notepad and write some of your novel in longhand while sitting on the couch. Sometimes, I'll have a baseball game or a hockey game on and I'll just write while watching. I often end p with 500 words which is my "first draft" then I sit at my PC and transcribe the notes but not verbatim because it usually ends up being better.

I go for long walks and mull over the plot points. When I'm still not in the mood, I'll often jot down long hand what I've conjured up on my walk.

Always plan what you want to write before sitting down in front of a cursor. That way you will not be stuck or have your notepad ready.

Always write forward - never go back to edit until the book is finished. It's one of my #1 disciplines I put on myself. I hate two steps forward, one step back days when I'm not making progress.