Or good noon or good morning to you for wherever you are!

My name's Nate, and I'm here because I probably should have done this a few years ago. I've always written as a hobby (though nobody knows) and I figured I ought to break out of my shell if I'm ever going to get published or at least serious about it. I finished my third draft of a far future science fiction adventure/mystery novel late last year, and now I'm trying to figure out "now what?" I have a few ideas about what to do now, but the more I learn about the writing world the more questions I have. I've joined a few writing circles now, and I thought this one would be worth a try.

What I've discovered so far is that it's a give and take world, sharing is caring, you rub my back I rub yours, don't use cliche's in writing. And that when I'm giving, I'm a big picture person. I noticed in other critique groups people do a lot of line editing, like learning to write more effective voice and sentences, which is great and it taught me a lot. But when I critique, I work better when I can see the piece as a whole. That's made it difficult for me to critique one chapter at a time because I'm not seeing one chapter in the context of another. What I like to do is read a whole book and then hop back and forth as I'm making comments so I can see consistency and development. So that's how I'm looking to share and care here: I'm looking for whole books to lose myself in, and hopefully get someone else un-lost. For myself, I'm looking to answer all those questions, but most importantly: friends.

Have a wonderful morning, noon, or night!