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Thread: Cultural Appropriation and Celebration of Failure to Read the Screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by AW Admin View Post
    Being politically correct more accurately refers to using phrases like "vertically challenged" for short. Or "sunshine units" to refer to measuring the potential damage of radiation levels. I suggest that Orwell's Politics and the English Language is still worth reading.
    Thank you for pointing this out. "Political correctness" carries an implication that we're talking about euphemistic language, especially euphemisms that exist more to satisfy the speaker's discomfort than to address an actual concern. In this regard, political correctness is not always in the best interests of inclusivity because it can mean pushing language that the subjects don't actually like.

    I think a lot of the problem is that many people are not good at distinguishing between euphemisms and things that really do make people feel more included or respected. A lot of people fall into a trap where they take for granted that because they grew up seeing something as normal, then any change must be forced and not actually matter to anyone. They can't really distinguish between calling short people "vertically challenged" and calling an ethnic group by the name the group prefers, because they may not listen enough to consider who is asking for the change and why.
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