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Thread: Cultural Appropriation and Celebration of Failure to Read the Screen

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    Cultural Appropriation and Celebration of Failure to Read the Screen

    With all this discussion going on in Canada about cultural appropriation going on in Canada, I wonder if I'll ever get a publisher to even consider my book.

    In case you don't know, and if you're in the U.S. you won't; there is a huge discussion under way in Canada about cultural appropriation with aboriginals saying "don't steal our art, don't steal our voices," people resigning or getting reassigned from prominent editorial positions and even some First Nations writers arguing about who is more Indian than the other. It all comes out of books written by people purporting to be aboriginal and most recently about artwork resembling that of a prominent aboriginal artist.

    Oops. I used the word Indian. As a (mostly) white person I'm required by PC law to use the words aboriginal or First Nations.

    Only Indians can use the word "Indian" and they do.

    In the U.S. you frequently say "Native American."

    Anyway, I have a novel I'm preparing to pitch after working on it for two years and it has two FN characters in it, and one is a jerk and the other is a woman with possibly a disappeared sibling. In case you don't know, the issue of murdered and missing aboriginal women is significant in Canada.

    Seeing as I'm white (I can't prove my 19th century aboriginal heritage) and I don't depict either one as a saint I might as well give up.
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