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Iíve been meaning to ask about a few specific questions, and this looks like a terrific opportunity to ask them. As a sort of sub-topic of this fascinating thread. I hope they wonít be too much of a bother. It really is time to zero in a bit into specific concepts, I believe, in order to work out the exact mechanics there.

Question 1:
Question 2:
Question 3:
Question 4:
Question 5:
I don't think guilt is at all the right response, and (aside from a few loud voices) it's not what anyone is trying to achieve.

Feeling guilty about being white, or male or Christian, or straight isn't going to help anyone, nor is assigning guilt to the the "appropriate" levels.

People have been bringing "guilt" into the conversation for decades as a way to dismiss the concerns of those who have genuine complaints. "Well, I never owned a slave, so I don't owe Black people anything." or "My ancestors were abolitionists" (or arrived after 1860, or have Cherokee blood, etc.) Or god forbid the "They've stolen our white culture" whine -- as if "white" were actually a culture of its own. It's just another way to brush off actual oppression and appropriation.

Talk of "guilt" is worthless.

Talk about writing characters of all cultures as well-rounded, complete people. Listen when someone says "Models shouldn't wear Cherokee war bonnets to represent Native American culture" and think about why instead of having a knee-jerk response. Talk about examining the basis of racial stereotypes instead of using them as-is. Acknowledge the benefit of privilege and, when you can, use it to boost the signal on those who don't have it.