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Write whatever you want or the censorship and silencing of writers and artists will continue and worsen. If it is allowed to continue, a writer will only be allowed to write characters that are exactly the same as the writer. The next step will be to say men cannot write women characters.

Mark Twain is a great example of what using POC characters can do for society. I'd say stand your ground and defend your opinions no matter what. Many authors have taken hits for having a different opinion but they keep at it. If you don't get published you could always self-publish.
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Hublocker, just ignore all the PC noise. A lot of great works of fiction never would have come to be if their authors had been concerned with cultural pressure (like PC). Write your story, do your best to sell it, and let the chips fall where they may.
You're both advocating ignoring the voices of marginalised people who don't have the privilege to ignore "PC" issues because, for them, they aren't interesting philosophical ponderings but real life. Everyday life.

Do you really think that's okay, and right?