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Wow, really? That's ridiculous. Really, we should be living in a time where people are judged on their merits, talents, and skill, not their skin color. That's really disgusting...
You're right. It's awful.

And I'm always a little surprised when someone says they're shocked that this is the nature of the world, because it's always been the nature of the world. There are those who work to improve things, but it's a non-linear path, and I'm not at all sure it's a fight humanity is ever going to win. The dominant culture likes to stay dominant, and will cultivate liars, cheaters, thieves and murderers in order to do it.

I wonder, sometimes, how much overlap there is between people who have the knee-jerk reaction of "Don't tell me what to write" and people who genuinely don't know (or don't believe) we live in an artificially stratified society.