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It sounds like human history to me. What culture has not taken from other cultures? Who still lives on the land of their ancestors? Apparently all of our ancestors came from Africa and now we are spread across the globe conquering and reconquering lands. In similar ways Israel thinks they have the right to take back ancient land that they once owned in the Bible, yet they stole their land from the Canaanites. It is hard to say who originally owned the land first.

Not only do we steal land, but we have stolen other people's cultures through the millennia and adopted them into our own since the beginning of time. Our language is a mixture of different languages, our art is a mixture of different cultural influences and so is our music. So why should Native Americans be exempt? Yes, our ancestors robbed the native people's of their land and killed them in the process. Our ancestors did horrible things I know, but what do we do now? Is it right to punish those living now for the sins of their forefathers? Do we start by removing native words and copied artwork from our own culture? Should we tread lightly as if on eggshells careful not to copy anything that may or not have been native American in origin? Where does it end? How how back through history can we take this?

I feel for the plight of those suffering at the hands of oppressors, no matter what race they happen to be, but political correctness just seems to me to be an overcompensation for guilt directed in the wrong way. I don't see anything wrong in adopting language, art, and myths into the evolving culture of modern day society. This has always been what we are as a people. I think if we want to help those are oppressed, then we give them the tools to succeed, raise them out of poverty, and go after and punish those who would oppress them economically.
Spoken like a White gay male soaking in his own precious privilege to take for himself anything he wants from another culture, make a buck off of it, and congratulate himself for being so clever for being able to monetize what someone else did first and better.

You're very concerned that you shouldn't be feeling guilty of the transgressions of White people who lived before you, but in your own way, you're justifying the oppression, exploitation and subjugation of other races and groups because what does that stuff in the past matter when "political correctness" annoys you now?

Elvis, Pat Boone, Led Zeppelin, Michael Bolton, Kenny G., and Robin Thicke, call your office.

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Original Poster here. Otherwise known as the whining tit.

I didn't know what BME meant until I looked it up.

I grew up in the only French-Canadian family in an Anglophone community in western Canada with two nearby Indian reserves. I'm not going into a long "some of my best friends are aboriginal" defense, that's not necessary, all I want to add is that I've seen plenty of ethnic minority and race prejudice close-up in my 64 years on this planet. And I have plenty of grist for the mill in that regard.
That's nice. But living for six decades doesn't mean you know how ethnic minorities (or POC's--a term you disdain) live with, react to, and struggle with race-based prejudice.

And because you don't, you'll need more grist for that mill.

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What does it have to do with "everyone knowing their place?" EVERYONE should be free to write about whatever the hell they want.
EVERYONE is free to write about whatever the hell they want. Everyone is NOT free to stereotype, slight, demean, or make up stuff when they are writing. Not without being called out and held accountable for being a bad and lazy writer.

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What is POC?
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You sure you want to get cocky about this, after having to ask what PoC is?
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Don't follow PC acronyms at all.
It's 2017. You realize Black people don't go by "Negro" any more, right?

It doesn't make you a rugged individualist because you're not aware "people of color" is an informed and respectful way to refer to others unlike you. What it does suggest is despite your 64 years of life, you've chosen to remain blissfully ignorant of your own racial insensitivity.

You don't have to be a Native American or a lesbian or a Latino to be able to write Native American, lesbian or Latino characters. You do have to know what the hell you're writing about.

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Hublocker sounds like he knows what he is talking about having lived there with diverse people for 64 years so I say he is most likely qualified to write what he knows. No one is saying bad reviews are censorship. No one is saying writers can only write about themselves. I said if this is allowed to continue it will lead to more things. It's a logical progression.
It's an equally logical progression if writers write what they want and nobody calls them on it when it is wrong it will lead to more things and those things are shitty books that are lousy with people of color who only exist in the imagination of the writer.