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Thread: Car Plows Into Pedestrians in Times Square

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    Car Plows Into Pedestrians in Times Square

    There is currently no specific information as to what the hell precipitated this. It happened within the last half hour.

    A red Honda hit at least 10 people in Times Square, after driving "out of control" and ending up on two wheels into the steel stanchions on a sidewalk and catching fire. The driver was extricated, alive. It's not even clear if the people hit were in the street or on the sidewalk.

    No information about whether there was a medical incident or a purposeful event or a mechanical thing or what the hell went on. Breaking, ongoing.

    The scene runs from 42nd & B'way to 45th and 7th

    ETA: Driver was taken in cuffs into a cop car, is young male. NYPD says NOT terrorism, suspect has prior DUIs, but no released BAL.

    Also Reuters breaking story here. Also one fatality, 13 people injured as of now.

    ETAA: Apparently actually a fucking drunk, at noon, on a Thursday, drove his car through Times Square and hit 20 people.

    As the FDNY commissioner just pointed out, this instantaneously caused a response in which cops, FDNY, antiterror units including FBI, shut down TS completely had businesses lock their doors and keep everyone inside (still going on), began looking in every car in the vicinity for other devices, looking for backup plans and people, securing every other landmark and tourist site, etc., etc., and rolling everyone possible out across the city ... for a half an hour until it was apparently at least mostly confirmed this was a fucking drunk.

    He said terrorism is still rolling out but they're basically standing back as a full operation.

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