My next novel, Robby the R-Word, is coming out in six days (May 23). inexplicably, critics seem to love it. Of course, that makes me happy, because I'm nothing if not a narcissist.

Here's the tagline from the publisher's press release: Robby Turner has been completely paralyzed for forty years. He's a vegetable in a wheelchair - at least, that's what everyone thinks. Then he receives a special computer that allows him to communicate.

Now, brutal assaults and murders by a clumsy assailant have Detective Bain determined to catch the perp while struggling to keep her messy personal life from ruining her chance—and career. Meanwhile, Robby has been watching and hearing everything, and he's been doing his own detective work. But can Bain trust Robby? After all, the clues are starting to point toward him.

And then they quote a Publisher's Weekly review of my book: “The plot has enough twists, turns and unearthing of unexpected connections between the characters to keep readers guessing,” says Publishers Weekly, adding that the novel “has a lot going for it.”

Another reviewer, on GoodReads, says this: "A captivating thriller that kept me questioning my commitment to the main character," reviewer Talya says. "This book uses modern technology and deceit in clever ways that will keep you reading for more!"

Oh, also, did I mention there's a "splash of lesbian sex" in the book? Apparently, that's a big deal to some people.

Point is, I honestly, completely do not care how many people purchase the book. I do, however, want people to read it, because that's the reason I write.

If you're the least bit curious about the book, yet don't have a lot of money, then by all means, find someone who has bought it and borrow it from them, as long as you read it. And I'm always open to real, honest opinions.

You can, obviously, buy the book (, but if you don't have the money or just don't want to risk your money on a complete unknown, at least steal it from a bookstore or bum it from your friends, because I really do think you'll like the book.