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Thread: Cultural Appropriation Prize

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    Quote Originally Posted by Underdawg47 View Post
    I think people should be able to retain their cultural identity and pass it down to their children without being forced to adopt the dominate culture, but i don't think art styles, language, crafts, technology, myth, music styles, etc should be treated as copy written material. As a writer, I certainly don't plan to limit myself to writing only about my own race, culture, sex, sexual orientation, etc.
    All created works have copyright from creation; as a legal concept in the U.S. in very broad and inexact terms that covers anything created since 1921.

    I do think as an ethical principle, we need to treat other cultures as things that have meaning to others that they may not have for us, and be respectful of those meanings.

    While I understand, I think, what Andres Serrano was trying to do with his 1987 Piss Christ photo, I kinda wish he hadn't.
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