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I think people should be able to retain their cultural identity and pass it down to their children without being forced to adopt the dominate culture, but i don't think art styles, language, crafts, technology, myth, music styles, etc should be treated as copy written material. As a writer, I certainly don't plan to limit myself to writing only about my own race, culture, sex, sexual orientation, etc.
I think there are genuine concerns about certain people adopting "super-purity" standards for cultures. One of the most basic traits of all humans is that we will gladly, greedily, adopt artistic expressions from other cultures if they appeal to us. Trying to stop this basic instinct will lead to censorship and the shrivelling of artistic growth. (For example, should Picasso's work inspired by African artistic concepts be discarded?)

The problem is how to allow free flow of artistic ideas while still discouraging the dominant culture from trivializing or stereotyping the expressions of smaller cultures.