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Thread: Cultural Appropriation Prize

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    Cultural Appropriation Prize

    It's been a huge issue here in Canada. Two editors have resigned over a twitter fire storm about appropriation where a prize was offered and here in Canada it's been on the radio and all over the news.

    Here's one of the many articles regarding this highly sensitive issue, an issue that stopped me from writing one of my stories.

    I'm torn on the issue. I believe writers should be able to write outside of their own personal experience however I see where some cultures may be frustrated with their stories being shared without their consent. It's not just writing either, a painter who was to have her work shown in a Gallery in Toronto(I think it was Toronto) had her exhibit cancelled due to the controversy regarding her style of painting. I think her name is Amanda PL.

    So for us Canadians its a hot button issue. Just wondering how others feel. Does it prevent you from going outside what you know? I don't agree with having an appropriation prize I think that was stupidity to even suggest such a thing since it is a sensitive issue. Sometimes people should walk away from Facebook/twitter if it's past their bedtime or they've had a few drinks.

    Today on cbc radio they had a few people discussing the issue and one woman believes that the disabled should be off limits too, she stated you can write about a disabled character but don't write from the 1st point of view and don't have that character as the protagonist. Basically she believes if you don't experience it you shouldn't write it. I 100% disagree with that and I have a sister who is in a wheel chair so disability strikes close to home. Maybe the pendulum is going to swing too far on this issue.
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