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It's been so very long since I first read A Fire Upon A Deep that it's almost like reading a fresh book. As Ari mentioned, the aliens are very alien, which itself leads to a phenomena where the human protagonists are aliens, too.

I'm slowed a bit because I've gone back to re-read short passages a few times. The narrator's voice is so firmly in control that sometimes it's actually a little distracting for me.
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That. That's exactly what I meant when I mentioned understanding some of the aliens' motivations and actions better than those of the human characters in some cases. It's a hard-to-describe view of the human characters in that I'm not sure if I'm viewing them as yet another alien myself or as a human from a different time or place; it's as though I have no shared history with or common understanding of those characters. I'm sure I've never experienced that feeling with any other work.