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Thread: Book Discussion: A FIRE UPON THE DEEP by Vernor Vinge

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    I really don't want to take over the thread, but I'm just too fascinated by this book (I've just purchased the second in the series).

    I'll admit it did take me a while to reconcile the title with the novel's concept and narration—I can be a bit slow at times. I did get the computer science analogies right away and, of course, I would. The physics and cosmology involved were basic enough for me to "get it" quickly, too. It was the aliens, though; these are the most "alien" aliens I've encountered in a space opera. I was completely fascinated by the diversity of species—though, the anthropomorphism had its pros and cons, at times. (There's no other way for a human writer to convey what would make these aliens tick, is there?) While I had a great deal of difficulty with suspension of disbelief wrt the physical description of the Tines, something akin to dog-like creatures was necessary to fully explain the pack-mindset of the species, with each member of a pack holding a specific aspect of the personality of the whole. This was a truly unique concept in my reading experience. All-in-all, the aliens steal the show and are the most fully realized characters in the book. In several cases, I understood their thinking and motivations better than I did some of the human characters.
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