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Thread: Between the Lines Publishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by zmethos View Post
    Anyone heard from this publisher lately? I had a short story accepted to an upcoming anthology, and the email said they'd send a contract in August, but nothing. And now their site is apparently on perpetual "maintenance" and no one has responded to my email.
    Chase them directly. I thought the site-under-maintenance would mean they're disappearing, but a quick look at the owner's Facebook page shows they are active and promoting new releases. R34pers of S0uls and M4g1c* comes out on the 29th September by Between the Lines, and they're running a campaign where preorder profits go to help the JJ Watts Foundation with Hurricane Harvey recovery. This, though well-intentioned I'm sure, sits poorly with me.

    They are active, and have no excuse not to respond to a polite enquiry about the contract status.

    *Title altered to avoid the author getting Google alerts, I don't wish for them to be unfairly included in a discussion about their publisher (and I don't believe the pre-order campaign choices should reflect on them personally, only the publisher).
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