I apologize
for the wall of text I've made,
but please bear with me.

This will be a thread
where people can share haiku.
There is but one rule:

Everything you say
must be said as a haiku.
No exceptions. None.

Now I will teach you
how to write your own haiku.
It's really easy.

Five syllables here,
and seven syllables now.
Bam! That's a haiku.

What are they about?
Anything and everything.
Whatever you like.

"But my poems are bad!"
Nonsense! If it fits the form,
then it's a haiku!

If you think haiku
are for geniuses, then you
should look at this one:

Haiku poems are strange,
and most of them don't make sense.

See? You can do it!
I bet you've already got
some good ideas,

so come and share them:
I promise that I won't judge.
Let's have fun with this!