First post, apologies if this ends up in the wrong place. I ran a search for this publisher in the forum and checked the masterlist, but it does not appear that anyone has previously offered any information about this company yet. I was wondering if anyone had had dealings with them, and could comment on how things went.

Here is the link to the website:

PWP's website says they are not a traditional publisher, but rather a team of self-published authors. The website assures interested parties that they keep 100% of their royalties, and are joining merely for the marketing aspect and the support team. I emailed them asking for some specifics, but they have not yet gotten back to me. They are one of the presses that offers the NetGalley co-op, where authors can join for 1 month to 1 year for a small portion of the NetGalley sign-up cost, and while I have heard good things about this option from some other authors online, I can find nothing about the publisher itself and how useful the team aspect might be for self-published authors.

[Link for the NetGalley co-op is here:]

Has anyone had any dealings with them? Anything people have heard about this publisher? Or has anyone used the NetGalley co-op feature they offer? Much thanks!