I read the latter part of the Ryan/McCarthy exchange as "boys club" joking around, too, but in that, "oh boy, if anyone gets wind of this we're screwed" kind of way.

What alarmed me far more about the conversation was the fact that they were all fully knowledgeable about how Russia went about the disinformation campaign, had seen it in action in Ukraine. Take a look at the transcript again, starting on page 3 where Rodgers says, "Yes! The propaganda...my biggest takeaway from that trip was just how sophisticated the propaganda." and ending on page 4 with Ryan saying "Russia is trying to turn Ukraine against itself." and then characterizes it as "Maniacal"

They knew FULL WELL what Russia was capable of, how it looked in action, and then dared to look into the camera at home and say, "It didn't happen here" when they knew it did.

Fools, liars, and thieves, the lot of them.