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Re: Tapes of Paul Ryan

I disagree with the consensus on this. Keep in mind I do not like the president and despise most of the republican agenda.

It reads more like a sarcastic joke to me. Look at the circumstances. Wasn’t that about the time Trump was saying things like, “maybe Russia can find Hillary’s e-mails?” And, “How do we know it was Russia? Maybe it was a 300-pound guy in his bed in the basement.” {I am not trying to directly quote him. I’m trying to give the gist of the type of things Trump was saying at that time.} Considering this, someone making a joke about Trump being paid to say these things sounds about right. It sounds like he’s making fun of Trump when I read it. And Ryan sounds like he’s knows how this will look transcribed. Since they were laughing, he told them to stop in a joking way. At least I hope so.

There is plenty of real damning evidence though. It should be more than enough for the good people who talk about the sacred nature of the constitution to act. It’s hard to be patient while this fiasco unfolds.
Looking back, I don't think Trump's suggestion that the Russians "find Hillary's e-mails" was a joke. I think his loose lip-filter failed as it does so often, and he let slip a request that he either had already made or was planning on making. After all, the Russians are nice people. They must be, they tell him so much that he's their best friend. Why shouldn't he ask them to help nail Crooked Hillary? That's in the interest of the American people, after all. He and his Russian friends have often said keeping her from being elected is for the good of the U.S.