I recently posted my screenplay to Script Revolution (https://www.scriptrevolution.com/). Honestly, I was suspicious of the site, even though it's free. I'm just by nature skeptical, but all my research indicates that it is exactly what it says it is, a place to upload your script and your bio, and for producers to sniff around and see if they find anything they like. Like InkTip and The Blacklist, but free.

Aside from simply being skeptical by nature, it's the internet, so scam alerts are always going off in my head. I still can't figure out how they pay for it, but that's somebody else's problem. There's also a lot of good stuff like screenwriting tips and whatnot in addition to being a place to flog your script.

I have no illusions about my script being "discovered," but what the hell -- it's free, right?

I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has had experience, good or ill, with the site.