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Thread: TriMark Press

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    TriMark Press

    Hello all,
    I'm publishing coordinator at TriMark Press in Deerfield Beach, FL. Our publisher started the business 30 years ago, publishing wealth books, then in 2008, decided to branch out to be inclusive of all types of books. View our website: We publish a mix: many children's books and memoirs as well as books on various themes of self-help, a few religion, and, of course, fiction.

    Yes, it will probably cost more to deal with us than to go onto CreateSpace or your general POD site; we call ourselves an "independent boutique publisher." We edit, proof, lay out, design (including cover design) assign copyright/ISBN/LCCN, post on Amazon and will do some marketing for you, at a cost that depends upon how much work is involved (judged in how many hours it takes) to make your book bookshelf-quality, or, more accurately, Amazon-listing quality, since so much is handled online through Amazon, but even a poorly crafted book will look out of place against those of more professional quality on Amazon, as I have seen.

    I am myself a former newspaper editor, and while I've had involvement in book publishing for 12 years, I have worked at TriMark for only a year, having left newspapers almost 2 years ago. I can tell you that I edit the hell out of all the books I have a hand in, but as it is with self-publishing, in which the person has paid me to do the work to publish the book, in the end I am bound to do what the author wants (although on many occasions I can get them over to my side). It all depends on the skill level of the writer, of course.

    So enough explaining. Our books have won awards including International Book Awards finalist, honorable mention in the general fiction category at the Los Angeles Book Fest and, recently, a finalist for an indie award whose official name escapes me, but I believe it's the Indie Book Excellence award.

    If anyone has questions, please post here or message me - I can also be reached at Although I am at work, I'll check in periodically throughout the day in case there are questions.

    Thanks for allowing this post - if for some reason, I posted something that's outside the rules, I apologize.
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