Just realized that I've been very quiet in here. Here are my October and November numbers.


Empire of Chains: 12 e-book sales, 976 pages read
The Shadowed Land: 0 sales, 190 pages read


Empire of Chains: 8 e-book sales, 98 free downloads, 4445 pages read
The Shadowed Land: 4 e-book sales, 1188 pages read

I had no print sales in October or November.

Running total (since June 30th)

Empire of Chains: 83 e-book sales, 36118 pages read, 98 free downloads, 9 paperbacks sold
The Shadowed Land: 4 e-book sales, 1732 pages read

Overall, these numbers aren't great or anything, but I'm pleased with the fact that I've at least made back my cover art expenditure on Empire of Chains. I don't expect things to pick up until I get more books out. I'm looking toward February for the first release in a new series, but I might have it ready before then. I'd also like to get the last two books of World in Chains out by the early spring, but that may not happen.