Belatedly wandering in to finish up my May goals...

Apparently I did basically nothing during the last week. I think I wrote a bit, but nothing goal-related? Maybe. Actually, I did some game stuff. I put my current book aside to read Leviathan Wakes since it's due back at the library soon. I'm a good way in, but it's a fat book so there is much to go. Definitely enjoying it, though had some trouble figuring out what the tone was and therefore if I should be reading bits as serious or satire or...

I really need to stop letting the editing slide. I guess I should figure out my June goals now.

1. Read five books. 5/5
2. Game creation/sessions. Yes.
2a. Including editing the game story. Yes.
3. Edit four chapters. 2/4
4. Min 500 words or 2 pages edited per day. Yes.