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Thread: A Faithful Retelling of an Afternoon Dream

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    A Faithful Retelling of an Afternoon Dream

    While walking a dirt familiar road,
    ten pine trees from the edge I spied,
    alit on a branch as high as my smile,
    a fledgling and kitten, side by side.

    I kissed the kitten's heart-shaped nose,
    ruffled the fuzz on the young bird's head,
    but before I could bring you back to see,
    the kitten had flown, so the fledgling said.

    Thorn Forest: A Gift for AW

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    delicate #!&@*#! flower Perks's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    At some altitude
    This one is deceptively fun. I mean, it is fun, but it actually does justice to dream logic , which isn't easy, and then in the last lines makes me do, wide awake, that same bemused smile when I try to explain what seemed perfectly reasonable while I was sleeping.

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    Super Moderator SuperModerator Stew21's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    lost in headspace
    haven't been here in a while. you know, life.
    but, I was thrilled to come back to a poem by you on the front page. and it is good.
    all the better.
    thanks for being an unwitting welcome mat.
    Sometimes I actually write stuff
    Like this...
    If a tree falls in Hesperides


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