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Thread: Tropes you hate and why

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    Tropes you hate and why

    We all know tropes. Those writing tricks and devices that can pop up in all genres if writing. Some are great but some are stale as he'll or just plain i lazy. What are the ones you hate and why?
    Here are mine-
    The evil foreigner. I.e. the heroes of my story will be whatevercountry the writer is from but the villain will be from another even if it makes no sense.
    Case in point-the lion king. Mufasa and all the good lions are American accented, but scar who's scars brother somehow had an English accent?
    Same can be seen somewhat in How to teain your Dragon where all the adult Vikings sound Scottish but the teenage Dragon riders sound American? I hate it cause its insulting to my intelligence.

    Hero immunity -villain has a power to destroy hero, it kills all exposed to it but when it is used on the hero I question it doesn't work cause he's immune for some reason. For example i read a story in Suicide Squad when a villain had a medusa like power where if he takes off his mask and u see his face you are scared to death by the void it exposes. He tries it to harley quinn she looks in , it has no effect and then hits him with a hammer. He explanation is if uve seen one void you seen em all. So basically the writer didnt bother thinking of a creative way to overcome the problem and it came off as lazy
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