I'm writing a story which involves a couple on the brink of divorce who reconcile. But I'm getting trouble finding a reason for them to reconcile. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Diane and lucan are both police officers who work at the same precinct. Lucan never wanted this job but was pressured pressured by his domineering father as working on uniform is a family tradition. Diana is committed to the job and has been promoted over her husband lwadingbto him feeling insecure as his wife is ordering her along.
Lucan has a passion for baking and later left the job to pursue a job in that area much to his wife's chagrin as she's embarassed by it.
Adding to the conflict is Diana continually miscarrying leading to conflict.

All of this comes out in a public blow out argument at a date night organised by their sister in law Carol to try to reconcile them.

That is what is shown in the play itself.
Now i need to way toreconcile them. Irsca Christian okay so it gonna be miraculous But not deus as machine. More so something to open their eyes and make them reconcile.

Any suggestions. I'm also open to critique of their relationship problems.