Who's read this book?

I was thinking about it today while at work. I read this book for the first time ten years ago, after my brother-in-law mentioned it over dinner. It was nothing like I expected but I ended up really enjoying it, mainly because it's one of the funniest books I've ever read. Granted, mostly it's dark humour, but if that's your bag this might be right down your street.

From my experience people are quite ambivalent towards this book. They either 'get' it or they think it's weird or wrong or worse. It certainly touches upon some sensitive points and breaks social conventions. But I wasn't offended by it or outraged, I found it entertaining and also quite insightful into the human condition. While flawed, the 'Dice' idea is a very unique concept and really intriguing. Imagine if we could destroy the 'self' and become random instead. Of course, there's nothing really desirable about this and I'm not about to start practising in my own time. Luke Rhinehart nevertheless drew me as a character and I found his obsession with following the way of the dice very interesting.

In some ways it's a story of gradual descent into insanity unless you see his story as a 'victory' (he certainly might.) I won't go into detail but he becomes more and more extreme until he really can't control his life anymore and everyone around him is affected. I would say this is well worth reading for the humour and controversial content as well as witnessing someone's life fall into shambles while escaping everyday humdrum and boredom for something a little more spontaneous (or a lot!)

Be interested to see if anyone read this book and what their opinions are on it.