I知 Hannah! I知 a 30 something from England who isn't good at introductions and who recently remembered that I have an account on here from 2014 and that I should probably do something with it. This is helped of course by all of you lovely people who make this community seem so awesome that I couldn't help but want to contribute from now on.

A little about me? Well I have been writing on and off since childhood but in recent years I have become more serious about my goals and would love to be traditionally published one day. I have several WIP's at the moment, because my mind never wants to be in one place at once, but not one friend who writes creatively in my personal life which has brought me here. I look forward to making friendly with this community and hopefully gaining some like minded writing friends around here.

I hope you all have a good day and maybe I値l see you while hanging by the water cooler. You won稚 miss me I知 the quirky nerd who likes to help everyone.