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(but my list of "classics" is not the same as yours--Austen, Dickens, Trollope, etc)
That's what I meant by classics.

Debut authors often have best-sellers. Look at Emma Donahue, Paula Hawkins (have I got that right?), Joanna Cannon. Bookshops sell huge quantities of books when they're published well, have good distribution, and proper marketing support.
There are of course debut novelists who are best sellers. But what I'm trying to get at it for every Emma Donahue or Paula Hawkins there are many more authors who are not best sellers. That is not to say trade publishing isn't worthwhile. I'm just saying for the majority of debut authors, access to bookshops doesn't necessarily mean anything. So if an author is weighing up between trade and self publishing, I don't personally believe access to brick-and-mortar stores is that much of a plus for trade publishing.

Anywho I've given my 2c. Best of luck to the OP!