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Well, that "Dumbledore effect" is kind of exactly the reason I want to do it.

Our society is so ridiculously obsessed with the idea of "biological gender" that people are convinced there is "always a tell" when it comes to gender non-conforming people.

I want to create a character, make them 110% indistinguishable from cis, and then "oh yeah, by the way, they're trans."

And then when the inevitable "but there were no signssssssss omg" what do you mean signs? She looks like a girl, thinks like a girl, acts like a girl, she IS a girl, there were millions of signs that she's a girl. "No, the signs that she's trans" well, the fact that she is a woman who was born with a body not typically seen as female, that's a sign right there, right? "But we didn't seeeeee it" why does it matter? "Because there NEEDS to be some kind of way for us to discredit her gender, we need to see some kind of evidence that she's something other than a 'genuine' woman" well, there you go folks, you just admitted that's it's not really about the signs, it's about your prejudice. Take a moment to think.

That's basically my crazy fantasies of how it should go down. Most likely it'll just fly over their heads though. T_T

Ah okay that makes sense. I totally get it now