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Yessss, let the rainbows flow through you

"Dungeon punk" and "arcane punk" aren't really terms that I embrace with any level of enthusiasm, but they're the only categories I've ever found that really come close.

Basically, picture a point somewhere between Steampunk and Cyberpunk, and then make everything that runs on "science" run on magic instead. It's most common in tabletop games, especially Eberron and Planescape which are direct inspirations for the style; Exalted and Shadowrun are pretty good examples of it too. In video games, there's also a lot of good examples, like Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, Final Fantasy Tactics (indirectly, the ancient civilization was a prime example but you only interact with remnants of it). Other video games include the Ar Tonelico series, the Tales Of series (especially Tales of Xillia 1 and 2), Lost Oddysey, Last Remnant, Legend of Heroes series (the Trails in the Sky, Trails of Cold Steel miniseries' and their associated works)
See now you've brought in some of my favorite games (Final Fantasy, if you couldn't tell from my Fang/Vanille profile pic, hah). I see by your Edea pic you are also a fan

I always have been inspired by the storytelling in Final Fantasy games. FFX will forever be a huge inspiration to me in particular... If you have any authors to recommend in this genre, I'm all ears!