Hello everyone ^_^

I'm Ehlionney, but you can also call me Vicki or Vickichu! I'm a super queer lowlife who writes dark fantasy with heavy steampunk/magitech influence (sometimes this genre is called "Dungeon punk" or "arcane punk") and a diverse cast. I'd love to meet other queer content creators and share inspiration with each other

I suppose the best way to describe myself as a writer:
Have you ever noticed that even when the Big Bad is planning to destroy the world and has the resources to do it, somehow a single insignificant hero and a band of misfits manages to interfere with EVERY one of BBEGs plans, on a global scale, by sheer coincidence? OR even worse, the BBEG somehow only does everything important in one single area that is easily accessible to the heroes? What's going on in the rest of the world? What happens in the places where there the BBEG is doing stuff that the heroes don't conveniently drop in to interrupt?

That's what I seek to write. In my series, the BBEG is everywhere. I write in a fully fleshed out world, where bad stuff is happening all over the place and there just plain aren't enough heroes to do anything about it. But really, what makes a hero? Someone in the wrong place, at the wrong time, who just makes shit happen because otherwise, people die.

In my writing, I seek to create a sense of grand scale: a dark and gritty world on the brink of ruin, and the people - both extraordinary and extra ordinary - struggling to survive in it. I attempt to build this sense of scale through a series that, rather than following a single hero/group of heroes, instead focuses on a different group in each book that overlap with each other to offer intersecting points of view.

The hero in one story carrying out the dying wish of a noble Paladin to protect his niece from assassins might appear as the antagonist in a different story about a young swordswoman trying to kill a dark summoner trying to unleash ancient demons on the world... and they might both be targeting the same girl. What you see is not always what you get; truth and justice are as gray as the steel your blade is made of.
Anyways! Fellow queer content creators and/or "dungeon/arcane punk" writers, please be my friends! ^_^