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There was little to no chance of his conviction being overturned, due to the overwhelming provable evidence against him. A quick summation of why Hernandez was convicted.

His and Odin Loyd's cellphone records established they were together at the time of the murder. Hernandez rented an SUV, left the GPS on, which tracked Hernandez to Loyd's house, to the vacant lot where Loyd's body was found, and then back to Hernandez's house, which was roughly 100 yards from where the murder took place. Loyd and Hernandez didn't live anywhere near each other. Loyd was in the Boston area, Hernandez close to the Rhode Island border.

Two people heard the gun shots and noted the time. The time frame placed Hernandez's rented SUV at the vacant lot during that time. The day of the murder Hernandez's in house closed circuit security cameras recorded him leaving the house with a gun. The day after the murder it recorded his girlfriend bundling up a huge trashbag and taking it out. The housekeeper testified during the length of her employment never once did the girlfriend even empty a full trash bucket, much less take out trash.

Add to that his girlfriend swearing under oath she and Hernandez never talked about the murder. Not even in the context of "holy crap someone was killed near our house." Or that the murder victim was dating the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend. Odd things to not discuss.

I believe he committed suicide for the following reasons. He was never getting out of prison. He was in prison because he killed a man to avoid going to prison for killing 2 different men. He was acquitted of killing those 2 men. Had he not killed Odin Loyd, Hernandez would probably never have gone to prison, but would still be in the NFL raking in millions. A compelling reason to end his own life.
I'm not questioning that he's guilty. I'm questioning that a narcissist would kill himself, and that the circumstances aren't suspicion-free. So maybe he did, but as I said before, it's disturbing to me that once a prison death is labeled suicide, it's neatly dismissed without much inquiry.