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This is where we differ. I can absolutely see why he killed himself. He got away with shooting a man in the face. He had gotten away with shooting and killing 2 men.

He lost his life of wealth and privilege and was going to spend the rest of his life in prison because he killed a man for mentioning a double murder he was later acquitted of. Had he not killed Loyd he may never even have stood trial for the double murders.

Look at Ray Lewis, implicated in murder, plead guilty to obstruction of justice in those murders, but free from jail and still lauded as a hero. Since there is no concrete proof Hernandez was the trigger man who killed those 2 men, even if Odin Loyd had testified against him, Hernandez's trial may very well have ended the same way. Instead, Hernandez kills Loyd, leaves enough evidence that there was no way he couldn't be convicted and had to spend the rest of life in prison.

If he hadn't killed Odin Loyd in all probability Aaron Hernandez would be a free man.
I'm not following how any of this leads to evidence of suicide. He'd just been acquitted on the other charges, and the other case was on appeal.