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Thread: Aaron Hernandez dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by regdog View Post
    He is alleged to have killed those 2 men for spilling a drink of him in a nightclub. Hernandez was a violent, sociopath, who was a decade long thug, gang member and criminal. Piss on his football accomplishments.
    Agreed. I can kind of understand referring to it as "tragic" if he were someone who did something unique and irreplaceable, something that made the world a better place before he committed his crimes, but sports stars are hardly rare or special. Society pays them well and heaps them with adulation for their skill on the playing field, but they're ultimately replaceable, and most end up being quite forgettable. It might be more poignant if he had been some kind of activist who worked to improve the human condition, bur sadly, athletes who behave like monsters off the field (and have few, if any, redeeming features) seem to be pretty common.

    Note, I think all jails and prisons should be safe, and when prisoners die while in custody someone has been negligent at best. Such deaths should be investigated, no matter how reprehensible the person in question is. But I'm not mourning his loss, let alone considering it tragic.
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