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Thread: [Publisher] Big Bend Productions / Marfa House

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    Bearing in mind the demise of Bruning's previous publishing venture and the bizarre economics underlying BBP/Marfa, it's amusing to see some of the stuff she teaches on Outschool as a "Bestselling Author and Educator":

    My Budget
    Let's learn how to create and use a budget

    Building Your Own Business (includes "we will learn what start up costs are and how to get them in order for the business to start operating"...and "students will learn about hiring staff and why they are so important").
    And for $200:

    Camp Write Right!
    A three month writing adventure from prewriting to publishing with National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program and Academic Warriors.
    Students will be introduced to self-editing and proofreading.
    Students will learn the two types of publishing - self publishing and traditional. The students will also learn the publishing process. They will have the
    opportunity to have their short story published in an anthology and/or as a standalone short by Marfa House, a publishing company based in Marfa, Texas. Students will turn in their final drafts to the teacher with their email address so the publishing house can contact them. The student will work with professional editors, formattor and cover designers outside the classroom after the sessions have ended.
    'Create and Publish Your Graphic Novel' also offers publication with Marfa House.

    I wonder if Outschool is aware that Bruning is the owner of Marfa House?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marketeer View Post
    If you are referring to the new vice president who replaced the old one I was told that this was done because the old vice president was NOT doing her job. The new vice president had to go back months and do the original work that was left undone. The old vice president did sloppy work if she worked at all. I understand that everything is working much better now under the new vice president.

    And the owner of the company used money owed to said vice president on a personal debt to pay her contact termination fee when said personal debt had nothing to do with the business or the contact whatsoever. Seeing as I'm sure you've already discerned my identity based on your slanderous comments. And yes, your comments here are slander as they cannot be irrefutably proven. The comments about BBP and Marfa by everyone else on this thread, however, can.

    I have a very happy and fulfilling life. I also don't hide behind the anonymity of the internet. I've left enough breadcrumbs in my comments here. You know precisely who i am and this is why you commented the way that you did. Be honest about who you are. Stop telling half truths, or walk away.
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    It'd be libel, not slander.

    Regardless, unless anyone has anything substantive to add, I'm putting this one to chill for a while.

    ETA: Reopening in anticipation of substance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by read2live View Post
    I missed this comment somehow! I can confirm with fair certaintly as well that marketeer is in fact the owner's spouse. I can also tell you that the owner is not operating this business under her legal name and that that throws up a lot of red flags as well. This was something I was not aware of when I entered into an arrangement with the company and only came to light after I was in too deep already. But I am fairly certain that almost no one within the company is aware of this.
    read2live this is very interesting and also possibly very helpful. Are you able to/willing to share any other information that writers/illustrators/etc. who have been adversely affected by Allison "Bruning"'s lies and manipulations might find useful?

    Also, thank you very much for your honesty. It is greatly appreciated.

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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    Re. the "legal name" business, this may be relevant. From Bruning's blog:

    Happy Get A Different Name Day. Were you born with a name that you don't like to use? I was. I was born Margaret Allison Bruning. My family has been using the name Margaret since they were in Ireland during the 14th century. It's a beautiful name but it doesn't fit me so I go by my middle name.
    More misleading information from Bruning:

    I have always had one goal in mind with my books. I want my books to be carried by one of the Big 6 companies. I started my writing career querying agents but got nowhere. I learned it was harder for an unknown author to get an agent and that the best thing I could do was build up my author platform to get their attention. So I turned to the small press. I wanted a publisher to publish my books because I was new to the writing world and didnít know anything about publishing. My first book, Calico, was picked up by a small press in 2010.

    We know that the "small press" was in fact a brand-new self-publishing front.

    Mind you, I had begun my writing career in 2008. Sometimes it just works that way. You have a finished book but itís hard to get a house to notice you because youíre a new author. The publishing house is only there to make money. They want a guarantee that your book is going to sell.

    Yes, real publishers want to make money. That's why the books they publish undergo quality control, something that's sadly lacking at Marfa House. If you're a new author with a publishable book there's an excellent chance that you'll be noticed.

    I have been using the Indie world to build my career for six years. It is working. I was picked up by a literary manager in May of 2014. The reason I was able to obtain a manager was because I had enough followers and my name is known throughout the historical fiction community. My next step is to acquire an agent for my novels, scripts and screenplays.

    I would love to know who this literary manager is.

    There have been plenty of big name authors who have used the Indie world to launch their writing careers.


    I think we are going to see many more publishing houses become author services (aka: vanity press). Publishing houses are having a hard time financially staying afloat in this business. More and more companies are turning into vanity press.

    WHAT?! There's a huge difference between a publisher turning into a vanity press and offering author services on the side.

    There use to be a time when I would tell people to run away from a vanity press but not anymore. There are good and bad vanity presses out there just as there are good and bad traditional publishing houses.

    It's a pity that Bruning didn't provide any examples of good vanity presses or bad "traditional" publishing houses.

    My favourite:

    Weíre living in a time when authors need to do their research on a house but donít relay on word of mouth through social media outlets or through your friends.

    Unless the house in question is Marfa House, in which case research=slander (sic).

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    From a previous enterprise:

    My graphic designer, Ian Smith, is my literary manager. He also owns Film Smith Productions and has optioned my full-length feature film. When he learned of what I was trying to create he was excited and had asked if I needed a graphic artist. A few days after he came to work for us he introduced me to his cousin, Stevan Ray Richards, Jr. and asked if I needed another editor. I told him I did and hired Stevan. A month ago I realized I was not suited for formatting and asked Stevan to stop into the formatter position because he has the skills for that job.
    In the Deep North of the Great South Land

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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    Well spotted!

    I have to marvel at the skills of a graphic designer who moonlights as a literary manager and a film producer, yet is invisible to Google apart from that single mention.

    There is a FilmSmith Productions owned by a Mr Smith...but he's cinematographer Craig Smith, who specializes in wedding photography. Although in 2014 he graduated from Full Sail University, from which Bruning obtained an MFA in Creative Writing. Make of that what you will.
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