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I couldn't find a topic on this publisher, so I made a new one.

Authors who work with Marfa House and Big Bend Pro can't publish other books with other publishers - not just books in other series, just other books in general. Once you sign with them, they want you to be exclusive to their publishing company. I've seen one author post something on social media for a book she had published on her own or with another publisher (not sure) and the next day, her contract was terminated.

They hired me as a cover designer, and from the start told me I couldn't design covers for other publishers / authors while I was with them. I didn't mind that much because cover designing was more of a hobby for me back then, and I didn't have any other clients yet. Once I saw how they treated authors, I was wary of working with them, but didn't want to speak out because I was still under contract. Last night, they sent me a termination letter because I had posted about one of my upcoming books (by another publisher) on social media. Then the owner also posted a new rule that no staff members are allowed to promote books published outside of Marfa House - including their own books.

I'm glad to leave them behind me and move on, but I wanted to send out a warning to everyone. It's not normal behavior for a publisher to demand this kind of exclusivity from their authors; it's a huge red flag.