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Thread: [Publisher] Big Bend Productions / Marfa House

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    Bearing in mind the demise of Bruning's previous publishing venture and the bizarre economics underlying BBP/Marfa, it's amusing to see some of the stuff she teaches on Outschool as a "Bestselling Author and Educator":

    My Budget
    Let's learn how to create and use a budget

    Building Your Own Business (includes "we will learn what start up costs are and how to get them in order for the business to start operating"...and "students will learn about hiring staff and why they are so important").
    And for $200:

    Camp Write Right!
    A three month writing adventure from prewriting to publishing with National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program and Academic Warriors.
    Students will be introduced to self-editing and proofreading.
    Students will learn the two types of publishing - self publishing and traditional. The students will also learn the publishing process. They will have the
    opportunity to have their short story published in an anthology and/or as a standalone short by Marfa House, a publishing company based in Marfa, Texas. Students will turn in their final drafts to the teacher with their email address so the publishing house can contact them. The student will work with professional editors, formattor and cover designers outside the classroom after the sessions have ended.
    'Create and Publish Your Graphic Novel' also offers publication with Marfa House.

    I wonder if Outschool is aware that Bruning is the owner of Marfa House?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marketeer View Post
    If you are referring to the new vice president who replaced the old one I was told that this was done because the old vice president was NOT doing her job. The new vice president had to go back months and do the original work that was left undone. The old vice president did sloppy work if she worked at all. I understand that everything is working much better now under the new vice president.

    And the owner of the company used money owed to said vice president on a personal debt to pay her contact termination fee when said personal debt had nothing to do with the business or the contact whatsoever. Seeing as I'm sure you've already discerned my identity based on your slanderous comments. And yes, your comments here are slander as they cannot be irrefutably proven. The comments about BBP and Marfa by everyone else on this thread, however, can.

    I have a very happy and fulfilling life. I also don't hide behind the anonymity of the internet. I've left enough breadcrumbs in my comments here. You know precisely who i am and this is why you commented the way that you did. Be honest about who you are. Stop telling half truths, or walk away.
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    It'd be libel, not slander.

    Regardless, unless anyone has anything substantive to add, I'm putting this one to chill for a while.
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