Just reread the final book in Rev Space by my all-time favorite sci-fi author, Alastair Reynolds. Anyone want to talk about what's going on with the Greenfly? And the Shadows? I kinda think I got it figured out but I'm still confused by what happened. So, the Greenfly invasion wasn't necessarily caused by the Shadows (who were likely not from another dimension but rather far-future humans), but rather by Irravel's understandable bungling in Galactic North. I still wonder, though. Also, the part where Aura asks them to hand over the Cache Weapons and Scorpio resists. Did that matter? We're led to believe Scorp made the right choice here, and, really, that last weapon they were carrying came through in a pinch, but I always wonder.

Anyone got a take? There's a lot of frustration towards how the series concluded, I'm satisfied overall but I kinda get the hate towards it. Still, giant walking cathedrals, weird aliens, starship porn, you're gonna have to do a lot worse to get me to not like it!