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Thread: Fastest-growing independent publishers according to Publishers Weekly

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    paying my dues RaggedEdge's Avatar
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    Fastest-growing independent publishers according to Publishers Weekly

    This article from Publishers Weekly dropped into my email today and I thought I'd share.

    "Fastest-growing" doesn't always prove successful in the long term, but there's a lot of info about each publisher listed, so it's useful for a variety of purposes.
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    practical experience, FTW Benedetto Youssef's Avatar
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    Hey not a bad looking list; it is good that so many quality indie presses are in business today.

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    Herder of Hamsters AW Admin's Avatar
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    Just a heads-up that in this context indie | independent publisher does not mean self-publisher; it means trade publishers who are not owned by one of the Big 5.

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    Yeah, it is a good list. Diversion Books, I know is growing strong. Just saw one of their books in my local library.
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