Apologies if I've got this in the wrong area, but wasn't sure where to put this.

Has anyone heard anything about Venture Galleries? They set up to help promote authors, even started a new PR program and took payments ranging from $97 on up to close to $1k (if I recall correctly) for PR work on authors behalf.

I gave it a shot at the $97 to see if it would help my two books. But here's the e-mail that was mass-mailed today:

Hi adVenture Galleries Author,

As you know, weve been in beta testing since December for the adVenture Galleries for authors. Its with a very heavy heart (and tears) that Caleb and I have come to the conclusion that we are closing Venture Galleries down.

There are many factors and tasks that helped assist you all in sales, but the majority of labor and time has been unsuccessful and therefore, weve come down to the difficult decision of closing. Weve spent hundreds of hours on you and the other beta members and the market is just not in a place to sustain this project.

The beta testing with you all has been a wonderful experience and I am truly blessed to have met you and hope we can collaborate on projects in the future.

The Venture Galleries website will begin transforming into a personal author website for Caleb & Linda Pirtle around the end of April.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your participation!

Cheryl Letsch, Publicist
Venture Galleries


So far, no response to my question regarding any returns - even a partial pro-rated return - of payments, given that they only did about 4 months of the 12 months we supposedly paid for.

I actually saw some sales that I thought could be attributed to some of what they did, so I'm not feeling cheated. But I am disappointed that they decided not to fulfill their end of the agreement.

Any thoughts?