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Interesting. Is your opinion on this the same if it's limited third? I have 3 different POV in my opening chapter, but the three people are all together experiencing the same story. I don't know if that makes a difference.
Sorry I missed this question first time around...

It depends on how deep inside the character's head the POV is. If it's like first person where you're deep inside the character's head, then POV changes are likely to be as potentially jarring as for first person. If i'm not so deep in the character's head then it's easier to transition between POVs. But as per the previous post, The Girl on the Train is an example of a book that IMO handled 3 deep POV characters very well so it can be done. If your book is deep POV 3rd person, then limiting POV changes separating them with chapter breaks would help.

Also bear in mind that I'm just one person and I don't know how many other people have this issue.