Like so many others have said, it mostly depends on the story. But there are a few methods of using POV which I universally hate.

-Sticking a scene break in the middle of a scene just to change POVs. When I see a scene break, my brain drops what I was visualizing and prepares to have a new scene constructed. Having this expectation not met is super jarring for me, and also, IMO, incredibly lazy writing. If you're going to write first person or third limited, pick a POV and stick with it to the end of the scene. Otherwise learn to transition POVs and write omni.

-Scenes that are nothing but characters thinking about stuff that was already shown in another POV in order to communicate their internal feelings about it. Again, I feel like this is lazy writing. You should be able to show how the people around your POV character feel about stuff as it's happening and not rely on everyone's internal thoughts.

-Overly structured POV switching. Someone else mentioned this, how having a strict structure (like alternating POVs each chapter and making the chapters similar lengths) is artificial and annoying. It takes away an essential tool in writing multiple POVs in third limited, which is the ability to choose the POV character who will best be able to tell each scene.