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Thread: Ode to a misguided hippie

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    Ode to a misguided hippie

    When I left ‘Nam, I was on a jet;
    Two hundred and twelve of us, each a Vet.
    The day before we were all in battle,
    Tonight we land in old Seattle.

    At Sea-Tac it’s standby, so I go and eat;
    I see a hippie and I offer a seat.
    We chatted, and rambled, and talked a while;
    His plane was a called and I gave him a smile.

    He got up to leave, and then he said;
    “You know, it’s too bad you aren’t dead”.
    I sat there a moment, then felt a shade,
    And I thought ‘I guess there’s no parade’.
    On my flight home I thought of him,
    And then wrote this on a whim:

    Peace-nik, beat-nik, hippie and dove;
    mix together and add some love;
    boil it, and spoil it,
    and send it to school;
    then forget the Golden Rule.

    [My apologies to Robert Service]
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