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Thread: Self publishing or small traditional publishers

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    Whoops, I missed this answer, sorry!

    A difference to the decision to self pub I guess. I'm not sure.
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    I have worked with various small presses. A couple of them were frustratingly lacking on the marketing side, and to that we need to add the additional complication that they were trying to sell story collections from an unknown writer. I don't work with those any more. The publisher for my debut novel, on the other hand, has a very good marketing strategy (all black magic to me, but it seems to be selling copies - hundreds, not thousands, if you were wondering), and I see sales of that one every day and have been getting a little extra money each quarter in royalties. That publisher impressed me enough that I have sold them another novel (coming soon, stay tuned).

    Having said that, I am also sending a different novel to agents. There's no need to stop just because one novel hasn't twigged with agents, or you have other projects going on.

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    Turns out you can do both, if you're so inclined.

    I've been self-publishing for two years, and I just got approached by a small press, to see if I'd be interested in letting them handle my flagship series. I'm declining their kind offer, for a number of reasons.

    Now if they'd been interested in my MG series, I would have been willing to talk...
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